Coorg: A Trip to Neverland

“Analysis destroys wholes. Some things, magic things, are meant to stay whole. If you look at their pieces, they go away.” ― Robert James Waller, The Bridges Of Madison County There are places… Continue reading

The Poetry in the Streets

Many wander about the streets of the city perhaps wondering what these structures of bricks and stones and a bit of dust all meant. These people, my friends, are just words. And, there… Continue reading

Monsoon and Mobile

Saturday mornings are generally not pleasant for me as I have a tuition from 6.30, which means I have to wake up by 5-5.15. When you see me sacrificing my sleep for something,… Continue reading

It’s You, not Me

I hate it when you stare at me, On the road, At the cafe, Everywhere. I hate it when you turn away, On the road, At the cafe, Everywhere. I hate it when… Continue reading

Inkspell Meet

Originally posted on Aikanti©k's:
Being a photographer and a blogger I’ve been to many Photo-walks , Photography meets and blogger meets . When Archit , my friend told me the idea…

Into the Night

A blanket shrouding their bodies, they lay there. Dew sparkled in the park ahead. The benches, cold. Unusually, oblivious to her very surroundings, she lay there, observing the sensual beauty of the constellations… Continue reading

Kolkata ~ The Masquerading Winter

Kolkata has been fascinating its admirers ever since its very existence with the playfulness and the joy, the ineffable love of the seasons. As each season takes its turn to woo the admirers,… Continue reading

Durga Puja ~ The Other Story

Ratan is a renowned phuchka seller in one of the oldest part of the veritable vintage, the City of Joy, Kolkata. His daily routine starts at the break of day, boiling potatoes, refilling… Continue reading

Smile: The phenotype of ‘Happiness’

  I sat there on the bed reclining, resting on the bedstead. The pillow on my lap was bearing the heat liberated by the processor of my laptop. I was still gaping at… Continue reading

Winter Morning

(Alarm rings) I twirled and crawled lazily across the bed to the table. My phone showed 6:02 am, December 6, 2012. I called out to mom. I did not get a reply. I… Continue reading